Monday, December 15, 2008

How is the Rosetta Stone usefull now

It is usefull for us now since Jean Francois Champollion solved or decoded the hieroglyphic language by using the Greek since then we have been able to read in the hieroglyphic language. And by being able to do that we have been able to understand the hieroglyphic writing in pyramids and tombs.

Who where the ancient egyptians who constructed the Rosetta Stone

The ancient egyptians who constucted the Rosetta Stone where the ancient scribes. They wrote them for the Pharohs as a privilage. So they would write them down to keep track of there wills and any other thing they would have wanted to keep down like buisness documents or special moments or memories.

How did the Rosetta Stone impacted us

How it impacted us was it showed us that egyptians could write in diffrent languages and it taught us how to read hieroglyphics. How it showed us how to read in hieroglyphics was when Champolion had figured it out by translating it from greek. We still havn't figured out how to read the middle section f the Rosetta Stone. But we do know that it written in demotic not demonic.

Did anyone have a reason to make the Rosetta Stone

Yes they actually did have a reason. And what i found about it was that they actually used it for stuff we save in powere points and research etc. What i found out that they used it for was writing down contracts, buisness documents, wills, lawsuites and tax dealings. And they language they wrote it in was demotic. No not demonic like devils but it was the there type of writing. And they had scribes write it down for them to. Because scribes where the only ones who could read and write.

What dude found the Rosetta Stone and when did he find it

Napolian found the Rosetta Stone. When he took his team of archeologist to invade egypt a long time ago. While they were there one of the acreologists had found somthing they thought was important. And they were right because then on the way back to france. Napolian was jacked by a british ship. And they took the Rosetta Stone back to the. U.K. and it is now in a british musem and is one of the most popular things there.